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Want Bigger Biceps? Here are 5 Curls You Must Be Doing

Building a well-developed pair of biceps takes several years to achieve. Arm training is something that is in trend, especially nowadays, and everyone wants that massive bulge when they bend their elbow

No guy wants his shirt sleeves flapping in the wind. Every man, whether they admit it or not, want a pair of bulging arms

There is no magic pill here or any secret other than the fact that you have to put in the hard work but if you are struggling to get rock hard biceps, here are five curling exercise integrated with a proper training strategy and will help you increase your bicep gains

Build Bigger Biceps

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

Normally you would perform the EZ Bar curls at a preacher bench but let’s give it a slight variation and try the reverse curls while standing

How to Perform

Use an EZ bar with a weight that would see you reach failure between reps 10 and 12
Hold the bar with an overhand grip
Curl it as you would with a regular biceps curl. Curl your wrists up too for extra forearm engagement
Do at least 3 sets of 10-12 reps each

Concentration Curl

A lot of guys do concentration curls but the ‘concentration’ part is missing. You can do it both sitting or standing, but performing it while sitting on a bench is more effective

How to Perform

Grab a dumbbell and sit on the bench with your elbow on the inside of your thigh and inner knee while the other hand is on the opposite leg for support
Now, perform the curl and hold the dumbbell for two seconds and the lower the weight
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each side

Incline Dumbbell Curl

We’ll use the same concentration technique here but this time, you won’t be looking at your biceps

How to Perform

Use a bench and adjust it to a 45-degree angle
Grab a pair of dumbbells in each hand
Let both arms hang by your sides
Curl them towards your shoulders. Throughout the curl, you should focus on the tension in your biceps
When you reach the top, gradually return to the starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Hammer Curl

This exercise builds up the forearm (brachioradialis) as well as the sides of the biceps (brachialis). However, you have to be careful with the amount of weight you choose. Too heavy can result in an injury to the wrist

How to Perform

Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip — palms facing each other
Now, curl them towards your shoulder, hold the position for a second and gradually lower them to the starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Barbell Curl

Now to give your biceps a final push, we’ll do the barbell curl. It’s an isolation exercise that also trains your forearms and shoulders to some extent

How to Perform

Load a barbell with plates of weight at which you’ll reach failure at 10-12 reps
Now grab it slightly wider than shoulder’s width apart
While keeping your upper body stationary, curl it towards your chest
Try not to swing or squeeze your shoulder blades to cheat the curl
Hold the position for a second at the top and then gradually lower the barbell to your starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps each

4 Workout Steps To 3D Shoulders

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Heavy compound exercises incorporate several working muscles and are one of the best ways to increase strength and muscle hypertrophy. Dumbbell shoulder press is an exercise that will help increase upper body stability and strength

Start in a sitting position with your back against the support. Have a slight gap between the middle of your spine and the surface of the support

Kick your knees up to help propel the dumbbells to shoulder height. This will be the starting position. Having a spotter help you to control the weight to a supported starting position is recommended

Retract your scapula before the movement. In the majority of shoulder and back exercises, retracting your scapula will allow for better support and also allow muscles to properly activate and execute movements

Press the dumbbells in a vertical motion above your head. Note: Several people will focus on pressing with their forearms, however you want to mindfully move the weight with your shoulders. Driving the weight upwards through your elbow joint will provide proper shoulder activation

Control the weight back down to the starting position and repeat

Sets and Reps: 4×8-12, increasing the weight per set approaching the lower end of the rep range on the last set

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Dumbbell lateral raises are a basic movement to target the lateral head of your shoulder, but a smaller muscle called the supranational is incorporated in this exercise. The supranational is activated in the first part of the motion when first raising the dumbbells. Building the size of the supranational will help to stabilize the shoulder socket in other lifts

In a secure standing position with your feet shoulder width apart, bring the dumbbells next to your side

Lift the dumbbells up and to the side to shoulder height causing your arms to become parallel with the ground. Do this without bending or changing the angle of your elbow joint from when you started the movement

Tighten your core to help your body to not swing during the movement

A key point to this exercise is to make sure that when you’re raising the dumbbells up, that you are letting the dumbbell hang below your elbow socket. If you were to draw a parallel line from your elbow at the end of the movement, the dumbbell should be slightly below it. This will allow for greater shoulder activation and tension on the muscle

Lower the dumbbells down to the starting position

Sets and Reps: 4×10-12, AMRAP last set

Face Pulls

Face pulls primarily target the rear head the posterior head of your shoulders. Developing the posterior head of your shoulders will be what really rounds out your shoulders for that 3-dimensional look

The posterior head is also a major muscle worked in rowing motions. Increasing the strength of the posterior head will improve rowing motions that could roll over in to making progress in back development

To set up, put the cable at a position slightly above eye level on a pulley machine

Then put on a rope attachment

Stagger your feet to give your body support throw the movement

Grab the rope with a pronated grip

Pull the rope directly towards your face while also separating your hands

Squeeze at the peak of contraction when pulling the rope towards your face

Control the weight slowly in the eccentric part of the movement

Sets and Reps: 4×12-15, tempo is a 2 second squeeze with a 3 second eccentric

Upright Rows

To hit all heads of your shoulders, upright rows are one of the most effective exercises. Ending a workout with this tri-set will bring you to exhaustion and maximize hypertrophy. For this tri-set, adjusting the hand position is all that is needed

Get a barbell that holds an amount of weight that you can comfortably do several reps with

In a standing position, pick up the barbell with a wide overhand grip approximately 6-12 inches outside shoulder width

Keep a straight back and let the bar hang around your thighs
Use your shoulders to raise the bar and bring your elbows up and to the side. Keep the bar close to your body as you raise it. The movement should be performed to where you are almost touching your chin. Drive the motion with your elbows and always keep your elbows above your forearms

Lower the bar back to the starting position next to your thighs and repeat for the desired repetitions

After finishing a set with a wide grip, immediately do a set with a shoulder width grip, and after the set with a shoulder width grip, immediately do a set with a close grip (hands almost touching)

Sets and Reps: 3×10-12 each set

5 Basic Rules For Building Monster Strength

Some athletes train for size. Others train for strength. Although muscle size and strength are not mutually exclusive, it’s important to decide which one you want the most. This way, you’ll be able to create a workout routine and diet plan that supports your goals. Add some serious strength to your frame with these proven strategies

Lift Heavy

The key to gaining muscle strength is to lift heavy. Your body gets stronger by recruiting more fibers in a particular muscle group. Heavy training helps recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber, which have the most potential for increasing strength. Squats, presses, dips, deadlifts and other compound moves can maximize strength gains, especially when using heavy weights (at least 90 percent of your one rep max)

Perform Natural Strength Movements

Certain exercises are better than others for building strength. These include the barbell squat, vertical/horizontal pulling, and vertical/horizontal pushing. Basically, your workout should consist of pull-ups, military presses, bench presses, and bent over barbell rows. Once you master these primary movements, your strength will increase. Romanian deadlifts, Olympic lift variations, and power cleans can boost your strength gains too

Increase Your Maximum Lifts

If you’re a newbie, stick to the basics. Start with a simple training program and be consistent. Stop missing workouts and making excuses. Focus on increasing your maximum lifts on the main strength exercises, such as deadlift or military press. If you’re able to do more than one rep, then it’s not your max at all. Lift heavier weights every time you hit the gym. Watch your form all the time. Don’t just throw as much weight on the bar as possible to improve other people. Bad form can affect your progress and lead to serious injuries. If possible, ask a friend to assist you

Stay Focused

Focus on the muscle groups being worked and squeeze them hard. Use controlled eccentric movements to maximize your time under tension. If your form is less than perfect, try a different grip or pick a lighter weigh. Getting stronger requires mental focus and intense volume

Eat for Strength

Eating for strength is different than eating for muscle growth or fat loss. A bodybuilder requires fewer carbs and calories to reach his goals compared to a powerlifter or a strongman. To get stronger, you have to load up on protein and carbs while increasing your calorie intake. Creatine, weight gainers, glutamine, and whey protein supplements should be a staple in your diet

Eat slow digesting carbs before training and refuel your muscles with simple carbs and fast-digesting protein post workout. Add dextrose, honey, maltodextrin or other source of sugar to your protein shake after exercise. This will help your body recover faster and replenish muscle glycogen stores

Make sure your diet includes white rice, sweet potatoes, beef, poultry, nuts, seeds and other nutrient-dense foods
Eat every two or three hours to reduce muscle loss and keep your metabolism high. Get your daily calories from quality foods, not cookies, chips, or fries. The trans fats in these products can limit muscle growth and increase catabolism

Chest Workout: 3 Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten About

Outside of big arms, I do not think that there is another body part that is more worked by the beginner and intimidate bodybuilder than the chest. Yes, almost everyone who starts bodybuilding wants a massive chest, and they want it yesterday.I cannot promise you that your chest will magically grow overnight, but I can tell you that the three exercises that you will find below, will help supercharge your chest growth. O.K., lets get started


Yes, incline presses and not flat bench presses are first up, and I will tell you why, the incline press develops the often neglected upper pecs, and has a far lesser rate of injury than the flat bench press. Plus, since you have to keep your form tight on incline presses, this helps to ensure that it is your upper pecs do most of the work, and not momentum
For the incline press, start out with not much weight on the bar and take your time and learn to do the movement right

Stick to the basic 5×5 program (that is five sets of five reps per set for a total of twenty-five reps) for the first couple of months before you start to run the reps up
There is a misconception among beginning and intermediate lifters that higher reps are easier, but this is not true, because when you do higher reps as a beginner your form has a tendency to break down
Not to mention the fact that you have to maintain concentration for even longer than you do for sets of lower reps


I am not talking about triceps dips here; I mean the kind that you do parallel bars. Most people do not know this, but along with the overhead press, dips were one of the major upper body lifts people did back-in-the-day, before the bench press took over. And with good reason, dips work the chest and work it big time
However, you must be careful with dips, no bouncing at the bottom, you must keep your form tight and I mean ultra tight. I know these are hard and like chins/pull-ups a lot of people cannot do many, but that is O.K., just take your time with these and learn to do them properly. If you do this, I know you will see some nice chest growth


Lastly we have the good old push-up. Yes, the same push-up you did in gym class
Why? Well, for one thing they work great as a finisher, that is the final exercise you do in your routine to try and end your workout with a pump
Second, you can do them all different kinds of ways, normal, explosive (where you try and explode your body off the floor and clap your hands in the air between reps). You can also do them with a weighted vest and you can do them between chairs. Does not matter how you do them, just tack them onto to the end of the above exercises and try and crank out one long set? Your chest will explode with a great pump. Not a bad way to finish off a workout


 If you have never used the above exercises or have simply gotten away from them, ease into them gradually and then, overtime work up to using some good weight on the incline presses and dips, along with being able to pump out a set of one hundred push-ups at the end of the workout. When you can do this I know your chest will be expanding with new growth

Get Rid of Your Love Handles

“Love handles” is a common name for the accumulation of fat around the oblique area (or the sides of your abdomen) of your stomach and your lower back. These fatty deposits usually develop over years, from a diet too high in calories and a lifestyle that doesn’t include enough exercise. Unfortunately there isn’t one specific exercise to get rid of love handles. Removing love handles will require a combination of reducing body fat with diet, stress reduction and exercise. Making changes to these areas can help you get rid of love handles

Changing Your Diet

Reduce your calorie intake

In order to lose body weight and excess fat, especially from love handles, you’ll need to decrease your overall calorie intake

You cannot lose fat mass from one specific area of your body, but losing weight in general can reduce your overall body fat levels. Over time, you’ll notice your love handles will get smaller
Cut out about 500 calories a daily. This generally results in a 1 – 2 pound loss each week
Start counting calories for an entire day. Use this number as a starting point. Then, subtract 500 from this number to get an average calorie target that will result in weight loss

Limit processed and fried foods

Both processed foods and those that are fried are generally higher in calories. When you eat these types of foods regularly it will be hard to lose weight and get rid of love handles

Processed foods and fried foods are known to be high-calorie. In addition, these foods may also be high in added sugars, harmful types of fat and a lot of additives or preservatives
Foods to limit include: sweetened beverages, fried foods, fast foods, chips, crackers, ice cream, candy, processed meats, frozen TV dinners, canned meals, cookies, cakes and breakfast pastries
If possible, do not eat many foods with high amounts of added sugars. Many studies show that foods high in sugar are typically stored around the stomach area and can worsen the looks of love handles

-Replace carbohydrate-rich foods with non-starchy vegetables

Many studies show that men who consume a higher amount of carbohydrates have an increased amount of fat around their stomach. Reduce carbohydrate-rich foods to minimize this and reduce love handles

Carbohydrates are found in many types of foods. Examples of carbohydrate-rich foods include deserts like cake, cookies, pie as well as other grains like the bread you use to make a sandwich. Other foods contain small amounts of carbohydrate as well, including dairy products, legumes, starchy vegetables and fruit contain carbohydrates
Men need at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Measure out appropriate portions of each — 1 cup of vegetables, 2 cups of salad or 1/2 cup of fruit
Try making half of your plate a non-starchy vegetable at each meal
Stick to lower sugar fruits like berries. Also, stick to non-starchy vegetables and limit your intake of items like carrots, peas, potatoes and corn. These starchy vegetables are higher in carbohydrates
Minimize your intake of grains as these are the most carbohydrate-dense foods. If you choose to eat them, go for 100% whole grains since these are high in fiber and protein

Replace fatty meat with lean meat

Protein consumption is essential for men when they’re working out and following a reduced-calorie diet, but that doesn’t mean just any protein will do. Leaner protein can help reduce love handles

Fatty cuts of meat like sausage, bacon, full fat dairy and 80/20 beef are high in sagurated fat. High levels of saturated fat have been associated with increased stomach fat in men. Reduce your consumption of these foods and switch to leaner cuts of protein
Choose chicken, fish, turkey and leaner cuts of red meats. In addition, try to eat items like salmon, tuna, nuts and nut butters as these are high in protein and are considered “healthy fats,” which have been shown to reduce belly fat and love handles

Increase water consumption

Although water doesn’t necessarily decrease your love handles, it can help men lose body weight and reduce love handles in the long-term

Typical recommendations for water intake range from eight to 13 8-oz glasses (2 to 3 liters) daily for men. You may need more based on your activity level
In addition, drinking adequate amounts of fluid can help decrease your appetite throughout the day. Plus if you drink a glass before a meal, it can help decrease how much you eat and stick to your calorie limit

Including Exercise

-Begin an aerobic exercise training routine

Cardio is essential for men to reduce body fat, especially around the stomach area and love handles. Incorporate regular aerobic exercise to help get rid of your love handles. Men should include 30 to 40 minutes of moderate to intense cardio exercise four to five days per week

Try any moderate intensity activity like: jogging/running, using the elliptical machine, swimming, doing aerobics classes and cycling

Do interval training

Research suggests that alternating between periods of hard exertion and medium to light exertion burns more calories and fat than maintaining a constant pace

Join a cardio burn or boot camp class at your local gym. These classes use various equipment to do interval training. It is aimed at developing muscles and reducing body fat
Do a flow yoga class. These classes combine extremely hard poses with rest periods
Join a running group. Look for a group that does sprints and jogging. You can also time yourself to run for two minutes and walk fast or jog for two minutes. Do 30 second sprints every five minutes

Incorporating Core Strengthening Exercises

Do abdominal crunches

Crunches are a classic abdominal exercise that can help tone and slim your waistline. This particular exercise will work the front of your stomach muscles. Remember that core exercises will not reduce your body fat or your love handles you need to reduce your overall body fat with diet and cardio for that. Strength exercises like crunches will develop your core muscles, but no one will be able to see them if there is still a layer of fat over the muscle

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Stack one hand on top of the other on the back of your neck. Keep your elbows wide
Lift your shoulders a few inches off the ground, until you feel your deep stomach muscles engage. Raise up 1 more inch, so you lift your upper back off the ground
Slowly lower your upper back down to the floor. Repeat this crunch in three sets of 10 to 100. Once you feel you are ready for the advanced version, raise your legs so that they are straight in the air or bent in a tabletop

Do bicycle crunches

This version of the crunch will work into the sides of your stomach and hips

Return to the original crunch position. Lift your legs so that they are in a tabletop position. Your knees are bent and your shins are parallel to the ground
Raise your chest until your shoulders are off the mat. Twist toward your right leg. Simultaneously extend your left leg out so that it is straight out and parallel to the floor
Reach your right leg out and bring your left leg in as you crunch toward your left to meet it. You will not be able to touch your arms to your inward knee. Keep your elbows wide, so that the effort remains in your abdomen, not your neck. Do two to three sets of 10 to 20

Do planks

This is a great exercise as it works every muscle in your core

Turn over on your hands and knees. Place your forearms on your mat in a bend, 90 degree angle position. Grasp one fist with the other hand
Reach one leg straight behind you. Pull in and tighten your abs as you do this. Reach the second leg out, and adjust so that your body forms a perfect straight plank. Hold for 30 seconds to two minutes while breathing steadily
Do the same exercise on your hands (in push-up position), instead of your elbows. Make sure your arms are right below your shoulders when you get into position. If you have a hard time doing this exercise in the beginning, do it against a kitchen counter at a 45 degree angle

Top 5 Incredible Exercises For Bodybuilding At Home

Perhaps you aren’t the only one who has a busy daily routine and hates going to the gym, not because you’re a lazy ass, but because of the shortage of time

How about doing “bodybuilding” at home

Even though I visit the gym five times a week, there are times when I’m extremely occupied and commuting those 15-25 minutes to the gym seems impossible. You may even have a different reason for training at home and we have your back with these 5 incredible exercises that allow you to do bodybuilding at home. All you need is a bit of extra space and dedication

Exercises for Bodybuilding at Home


Say what you want but push-ups are one of the best exercises that engage all your body muscles and trains you like hell. It targets the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids

Just do regular push-ups, keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder’s width. Do three sets till failure. Don’t cheat your reps


The pull-up targets more muscles of the body than you can imagine. It’s a very effective at-home exercise for bodybuilding and the results are incredible. You’ll workout on your chest, arms, core and lower back

Simply grab the bar with a wide grip and pull yourself up until the chin is near the bar. Do three sets till failure

It can be hard in the beginning but you’ll eventually get stronger with practice. If wide grip seems too difficult, go with a close grip — it’s easier. With a close grip, you’ll efficiently work on your biceps too

Triceps Dips

Just like the pull-ups, triceps dips also engage several muscle groups in your body. You’ll need a chair or something with a flat surface that you’ll use to push yourself up from while your feet remain positioned on a bench or a chair in front of you at the same level
Simply bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle to lower yourself. Hold the position for a second and push yourself back again. Go for maximum reps

Yoga On Mat

I know it’s not as much in the bodybuilding category but still, yoga plays a crucial role in building up your muscles. In fact, it’s a great way to shape your abs
Especially for women, you can easily develop those sexy six pack abs with different yoga exercises. Try the boat pose also known as Navasana, Supta Padangustasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana and belly crunch and half boat. These are all different variations you can try to get shredded abs


Last but not least are lunges and they help tone up the area below your waist. You can also replace the lunges with squats at times
For a lunge, keep your shoulders down and your arms at your sides or wherever you are best able to utilize them for balance. Look forwards and maintain an upright posture. Keep your back and core steady

Finally, step forward with one lunge and keep the foot pointing forward while the back knee will bend while extending the leg behind you. Don’t touch the ground. Gradually retract to your starting position and do the same by switching legs

How Often Should You Do Ab Exercise Workouts?

Developing killer abs is one of the most universally desired fitness goals. Regardless whether you want huge muscles, toned muscles, or better fitness overall, you likely want to develop your abdominals. Maybe a six pack isn’t your end-goal; but you likely want a tighter mid-section

I fall in the six pack camp. Fortunately, I’ve been working out my abs for many years, so my abs are well-developed. Even if I have some extra fat, they show up decently

Developing abdominal strength is more than just about looking good
Having strong abs (or a strong core as some people refer to it) is not only attractive, it’s healthy and good for your spine. It helps with your posture, which in turn is good for your back

Moreover, if you’ve set six pack abs as a goal, it’s a great motivator for sticking to your diet. It’s a very concrete and visual motivator
So, how often should you work out your abs
You can certainly work them out more than once per week. Some people do abs every day they work out (i.e. 4 to 6 times per week). In my view, that’s a little too often. Instead, I do 2 to 3 ab workouts each week, but I make those workouts count. In other words, I pound my abs really well

Therefore, 1 to 3 times per week is good

Designing Ab Workouts
Ab workouts should be balanced. By balanced, I’m referring to targeting upper, lower and side abs. Admittedly, I hit my upper and lower abs more than my side abs… but I do incorporate side ab exercises

My favorite ab exercises (but the most difficult usually) are those that work out both upper and lower abs at the same time. Examples of these exercises are

V-Crunches a.k.a. Jack Knives
Scissor Swings
Ab Wheel
Log Rolls (with exercise/stability ball)
Bicycle Crunches
Any ab exercise where you crunch or move together your lower and upper body at the same time

How many exercises, sets and reps should ab workouts be


I tend to do higher rep counts for my ab sets than other weight lifting exercises. I usually shoot for 8 to 20 reps, depending on the exercise. If, for example, I can do 40 to 50 reps of a particular exercise (such as a crunch), I add a difficulty factor to it such as decline crunches or V-crunches. Another way to make a particular exercise more difficult is to superset it. For example, I may do Scissor swings first, followed by basic ab crunches

Exercises & Sets

I like doing a variety of ab exercises in any ab workout. I’ll incorporate at least 4 exercises during an ab workout. For each exercise I’ll do 2 sets. Sometimes I superset my ab exercises, which means I’ll do two or three ab exercises back-to-back with no rest in between

I go by feel

Generally, my ab workouts vary every time with respect to exercise order, rep count, superset arrangement and duration (i.e. number of sets). I really go by feel. I know when my abs are done and that’s when I stop. I’m not nearly as regimented with my ab workouts as I am with resistance training of my other body parts

Generally, my ab routine will last 10 to 20 minutes. I take very little rest during the routine

Another type of ab workout is
Yoga core workouts. I’ve done yoga classes with a focus on core that absolutely blew my mind. I couldn’t do it all, and I’ve been working out my abs for years. Yoga core work can be incredibly intense. If you want to do some serious abdominal development, try a yoga routine that focuses on working out your core. It will blow your mind (and you’ll get in some stretching as well

What about incorporating resistance in an ab workout

Adding a resistance element to your ab workout is excellent. You can use the ab machine, Ab Coaster, wrist/ankle weights, medicine balls, weight plates… you name it, to seriously increase intensity. This can supercharge your ab development

Ab exercises are for everyone
Even the yoga crowd is into ab exercises. Regardless of your fitness goals, ab exercises should form a part of your fitness regimen

How to Grow a Bigger Butt If You’re Flat

If you’re trying to achieve a curvy figure or a bigger butt, it is likely that you are an ectomorph. Of the three body types, ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph, the ectomorph is the leanest. “Low fat genetics” or “low muscle genetics” are usually associated with this body type

Muscle genetics

If you have low muscle genetics, it is very easy to overtain your muscles. If you overtrain your muscles, or if you pay no attention to nutrition whatsoever, you might be causing your muscles, and therefore you bum, to get even smaller. This is known as the catabolic state. It’s a state that your body enters during or right after exercise. If your workout takes long enough for your body to run out of energy, you’ll enter the catabolic state and your body will begin to break down muscle tissue in order to make up for this lack of energy. If you’re trying to lose weight, this wouldn’t be much a problem, since you’ll burn a lot of fat in this state as well. However, if your goal is to gain a bigger bum, you wouldn’t want this. After all, we want our bodies to gain weight

Now, ectomorphs who have trouble gaining weight or trying to achieve a curvy figure don’t necessarily have “actual” low muscle genetics. It’s genetics for a high metabolism, that results in difficultly gaining mass. When you have a high metabolism and you do not eat enough fats (healthy ones), you’re much more likely to constantly be living in a catabolic state where you’re always burning fat and muscle and never achieving any curvy figure. So, we get to the rules

Do NOT work out for longer than 45 minutes

If you’re only concerned with the bum area, even 25 minutes is plenty

The reason why you should not do this, is to avoid entering the catabolic state, and to avoid damaging the muscles beyond the point where it can effectively recover within 48 hours (the next workout). Your exercise needs to be short, but heavy. And don’t worry, “heavy” sounds scary, but it’s not nearly as troublesome as it sounds. Just a few intensive sets before you move on with your day

Don’t do exhausting cardio

Stick to strength training. For the same reason as the above: avoid entering a catabolic state. Running, cycling, all those activities will have you lose weight, and therefore lose butt

Have a nutritious meal ready for right after training

Do not wait too long to take in carbs (preferably fruits or juices) and sufficient amounts of protein after your workout. Catabolic state ensues when energy runs out. Hence, don’t drain all your energy by working out for too long, and when you finish, replenish as soon as possible

Try not to run out of energy at all: eat plenty of healthy fats and proteins

Eat a lot of good fats, such as avocado, olive oil, coconut. Why fats? Fats take longer to break down, and contain more energy per gram than proteins and carbs do. Taking healthy fats in fair amounts throughout the entire day, provides you with a steady source of energy that prevents you from entering any butt burning catabolic state. So while the fats take care of energy needs for daily activities, the intake of proteins will make sure that your muscle keeps growing

If you’re not an ectomorph

If you’re not an ectomorph, but simply someone with a flat butt, you’re probably a case of “lazy butt syndrome”. What this basically means, is that your neuromuscular system functions in such a way that the glutes are recruited to a lesser extent than they should be during movements where glutes are involved. In this case, even if you squat, you will still not be recruiting enough of the glutes to produce a serious impulse for butt growth

How can you fix this? (Even if you are an ectomorph, the tips below will still benefit your bum growth results, so by all means follow them

First of all, make sure you’re only doing exercises that you KNOW to involve glute activity. Such as squats, deadlifts, lunges

When you do these exercises, be absolutely sure to squeeze the glutes at the end of the contraction part of the movement. People without lazy glute syndrome don’t have to focus on doing this consciously, they’re doing it enough already. You on the other hand, have to make up for the fact that your bum isn’t recruited automatically. Therefore: squeeze. The more you do this, the more you will learn to recruit your bum automatically during daily functions as well, improving growth even more

 Try to finish the entire movement. You need to go low enough, and you also need to complete the movement when standing back up (usually, this is where you squeeze

After exercise, stretch the lower body, especially the glutes

If you follow these tips, along with a decent workout program specifically tailored to your goals, you will be sure to pack on meat